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Testimonials - Why are we magic?

Here are some comments from parents, visitors, colleagues, and other professionals that we would like to share:

While the name, Magic Garden, suggests a world of wonder to satisfy the children’s curiosity and interest, the centre is the result of intentional professional study of two respected philosophies – RIE™ and Reggio Emilia Approach.  While each philosophy is distinctively different, they have common threads that are reflected in the commitment to responsive, reciprocal relationships with the parent(s) and the child and respect for the natural curiosity of the child and their inner drive to create their own learning.  Jenni and the staff weave these threads beautifully throughout their Centres – Infants and Toddlers, Over Twos, and Over Threes.  It is reflected in the organic, unfolding of the curriculum and the environment, responding to the natural development of the each child.  Polly Elam

Jenni and Allan continue to demonstrate their commitment to implementing an infant and toddler program, influenced by RIE™, through major facility changes to enhance the infant and toddler environment.   Likewise, they support professional development by funding staff to attend courses and seminars sponsored by New Zealand Infant and Toddler Consortium and personal on-going contact with me.

I am extremely proud to be a small part of the magic at Magic Garden. - Polly Elam, RIE Associate and Mentor Teacher


Magic Garden is an excellent early learning centre. The standard of care, education and social skills that are imparted to the children is exceptional. These, combined with the consistency of staff, makes for great peace of mind as a parent. - Jo Coleman, Parent, 2013


Simon teaches his daddy

Simon teaches his daddy what he has learned at Magic Garden in this way. Where else could it have come from. I now have a little five year old who goes around seeing relationships between things that adults never bother to see. Our view of the world is formed in the early years and I am glad that you have put in place the building blocks needed for a clear understanding of the all the important relationships in the world and how they create its beauty joy, pain. You seem to have a busy little hive of minds together exploring the reality around them, and showing each other the secret world of children that we adults have lost the ability to see. I am confident that many of them will go on to do better things because of their time with you. - Dr John Pinfold, Parent, 2014


Magic Garden has provided our two children with some amazing learning oportunities. They have had chances to try new things, consolidate what they know, share their own thoughts and have had fun doing it. Our son was so settled when he started school thanks to the skills he learnt and developed through the teachers at Magic Garden, and our daughter is having the same experiences. She comes home and shows us things that she has learnt at Magic Garden and it is wonderful to see. - Di Edgoose, Parent, 2014

We have been attached to Magic Garden for 6 1/2 years. In that time both our children have grown, learnt, developed into thinking human beings. They were and are ready for school because of the hard work the teachers have put into them in their time there. - Di Edgoose, Parent, 2015


We are so thrilled that we have been able to join the Magic Garden family and have already seen a huge benefit to Ayla in the six months she has been there.  Each day we express our gratitude to the teachers in the Over Two Centre, as it feels like they have created a second home for Ayla.  We are so happy with the staff you have in the Over Two Centre, they are all exceptionally kind, patient and caring and we feel they are giving Ayla a creative, warm, supportive environment in which to grow.

I’m a firm believer that family circles and daycare circles are not mutually exclusive and what happens at one feeds into the other.  Adrienne and her team of lovely teachers foster positive emotions in the children which feed back into family life, ultimately leading to happier families.

With thanks from a happy family, Taneal, Daniel and Ayla Gulliver, 2014


Magic Garden has been an excellent choice for our daughter. We have been impressed with the range of activities and experiences offered to her, and the level of care is exceptional at Magic Garden. I never worried about my daughter while she attended Magic Garden, and I felt that the teachers were always friendly, well prepared, and that they really understood her personality and interests. I would recommend Magic Garden to anyone. Thank you Magic Garden! - Junindi Hugo, Parent, 2015


Magic Garden has povided our boy with a continual family/educational environment from six months through to five years of age. He has thrived and developed into a confident and caring young boy. As parents we have always been happy with the level of care and committment given to our children by everyone at Magic Garden. We couldn't have hoped for anything more. - Jo Beattie, Parent, 2015


I can't say "thank you" enough to the staff at Magic Garden. We transferred from another daycare and the transformation was instant. We were always welcomed with a smile and genuine interest in all the family and have made some wonderful friends. 'Tis the end of a chapter. Thanks for everything. - The Anderson Family, 2015


Magic Garden has provided my children with a caring, stimulating environment from the time that they were babies. The teachers are very processional and have a genuine care for all their children. My boys had a very happy space to grow and formed treasured relationships with their teachers. As a teacher myself, I am always impressed at their thought and purposeful placement of toys and activities to best encourage child interests and developmental stages. I am truly happy we chose Magic Garden as our ECE provider. - Hillary Mann, 2017


We are so happy with our Magic Garden journey so far. He was in the Toddler room for 7 months and has just moved to the Over Twos. The team in the Toddler room are amazing. We are so grateful for their nurturing, teaching, kindness and guidance. Our son has absolutely thrived in his time there. We can see how much he enjoys Magic Garden and that warms our hearts. Thank you so much Nicky and team. We would highly recommend Magic Garden. Many thanks. - Mel and Tipu Ngapo, 2017

Our son went to Magic Garden from 18 months to almost 3 years. We would recommend to everyone. He learned so much and grew in his independence and got to experience all sorts of things we didn't have at home. we saw his creativity blossom, and the teachers really got to know him and his interests. Although our son is quiet during the day, he comes home full of stories and songs from his day. Thanks Magic Garden for taking such good care of our boy. - Mel and Tipu Ngapo, 2018


We have really enjoyed our time at Magic Garden, in both the Over Two and Over Three Centre. The teachers are all friendly and super supportive of Jaxon's development, providing both written and email updates on his activities in the centre. Magic Garden provides children with spacious indoor and outdoor play areas with heaps of different activities for them to engage in. The lovely office staff and ample off street parking also made drop offs and pick ups that much easier. Thanks. - Shannon Emerson, 2018


We are so happy that our daughter, Zara, was able to spend 3 years at Magic Garden from the age of 2-5. The level of care and love shown by all of the staff is second to none. Each and every one of Zara's teachers has helped her to grow and develop into the confident, sociable and friendly 5 year old she is today. We are sad to be leaving this fantastic pre-school and we thank everyone for the wonderful, challenging and fun-filled journey they have taken Zara on over the last 3 years. I highly recommend Magic Garden as an extremely high quality ECE provider. You won't find one better! - Katy Genc, 2018



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