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Parents and whãnau are important to us.  Parents are the child’s first teacher and know their child best.  We want parents to be part of the community of people working together for the benefit of the children.  We want the web of relationships to extend as a natural part of their child’s learning, in reciprocal relationships with the teachers in Magic Garden’s activities.  We anticipate involvement in the children’s portfolios, in discussions and involvement in the programme, in responding to questionnaires, and in joining in on social events or discussions.  We see parents as equal partners in their child’s learning.

  • Planter boxes greet familiesParents are welcomed as they arrive and greeted with their child.  Teachers talk to parents when they collect their child, updating them on personal daily incidents.  Each child and parent is important in the centre.
  • Parents are encouraged to talk, telephone, visit, spend time in the centre and share their aspirations for their child.
  • A weekly email is sent to parents.
  • Maintaining and strengthening links with parents is important and valued in each centre.  Parent evenings, Saturday parent mornings, fish and chip evenings, picnics at a park, grandparents weeks, social events, are all part of the activities of the centres.
  • Children's portfolios are available for reciprocal reading and contributions.
  • Trips, visits, events are planned, developing spontaneously or coming from the skilled teacher teams. A strong emphasis is to know the local community, to develop connections and links and to reflect the local people and environment.
  • Strong relationships are maintained with support services - Specialist Education Services, Public Health Nurses, Speech Therapists - for parents to utilise or tap into.
  • Parents are encouraged to participate in the programme with their skills, ideas and resources to make the programme as full and dynamic as possible.


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